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Where is the light in your deep dark room? A shock of light could save you from the shadow.

It seems like this is the week everyone's coming back to LiveJournal so I figured I would jump on board. I still check my friends page constantly through-out the day, it's a habit I'm not sure I will ever get out of, but it has been a while since I've posted anything.

Now where to start? Nothing major has really happened lately.

I've moved back in with my parents. My friend and I were planning on moving to London next year so we were supposed to spend this year saving as much money as possible, but she's just blown all of her money on a holiday so I don't really know what's going on with that. I won't be too disappointed if London gets pushed back or falls through because then I can use all of my savings to buy myself a car :)

I'm going for my license at the beginning of October and I'm slightly terrified. It's not that I'm worried about driving, I've been doing that for 3 years now. I know I can drive. I just hate making mistakes and I hate being judged. And I just have a really bad feeling that I'm going to get nervous and make some stupid mistake. Fingers crossed for that one.

My birthday was last week so I have to try to remember than I'm 22 now. Which kind of sucks. I like odd numbers, bring on 23! My parents bought me a Kindle (still waiting for it to arrive..). I still love collecting books but I think it will be really nice to have it for traveling or just lugging around in my handbag all day. Sometimes I end up with 2 or 3 books in there and that gets heavy!

My best friend Marnie bought me a 3-barrell curling iron. I'm still getting the hang of it so there's been lots of crazy Hermione Granger a la HP and the Philosopher's Stone hair going on. It's lots of fun ;)

And for myself I bought a new phone and a new watch. My poor credit card got quite the workout that day. My phone is the HTC Sensation and I completely love it! It's so shiny and fun. And kind of complicated to figure out compared to the iPhone, which is actually perfect for me. I get bored if things are too easy. The watch is a Garmin GPS which tracks all of your runs (distance, time, calories, heart rate etc..). It's pretty awesome, and makes me look forward to getting outside.

Running has been going well, the Bridge to Brisbane 10K was last Sunday so we headed out there at 4 in the morning (!!!). I was really hoping to finish it in under 1:10 and I finished in 1:09:33 so I am thrilled with that! It was a really great experience, lots of fun, but it was so crowded (43000 people!) so even one hour into the run you were still worrying about dodging people. It never really got to a point where you had your own space. I would love to try a smaller race next time, maybe another 10K or I might start working towards a half marathon! (Aahh..)

I've starting doing an online TAFE course in Business Administration. I still don't really know what I want to do with my life, and I'm not worried about it anymore either. I don't need a career, just a decent job where I make enough money to do all of the things I love. But we figured since my calling in life seems to be organizing everything I can get my hands on that some kind of administration position might be a good fit.

I'm determined to get to 101 books this year, but I don't know if it will actually happen or not. I'm so far behind. Maybe I'll speed up when my Kindle arrives. Nothing gets your butt in gear like new toys.

Uh, what else?.. Work is pretty much the same. Boring, but perfect hours and good pay. We just hired 2 new staff members this week and I got stuck training them both (because no-one else could be bothered doing it). It's not too bad though because it means that I can train them to do things the way I like them done. I already managed to brainwash the new guy into always putting pens back in the pen holder (seriously, I'm the only person who does this.).

I can't believe I wrote that much. No hard feelings if you just skimmed it guys, I'm not even sure I can be bothered going back to proof read all of that... But of course I did anyway. Because I'm a crazy perfectionist like that.

So hopefully this isn't the last you will hear from me for another 6 months. We'll see :) I still need to bore you all with lists of TV shows I'm watching this season.

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Writer's Block: Paging Al Gore

Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)

I would happily live in a pre-internet world but as long as I'm living in this century there is no way I'm going to miss out on all the incredible technology they're going to come up with through-out my lifetime.

$10 Million is a weak amount anyway, they should have said $50-100m. That would get people thinking.
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I throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Is 7:50 too early to go to bed?

I had a really great 6k run this afternoon. Ran for 30 minutes without stopping and at a pretty decent pace too. I've been taking it slow the last 2 weeks because I strained a muscle back at Easter and never gave it time to heal properly, but I think I'm in the clear now. The last two runs have been 99% pain free which is so great.

I'm actually really tempted to run again tomorrow, but I think I will try to force myself to take a rest day.

I splurged on a couple of bananas on the weekend (seriously at $12 a kilo they're a luxury now) and I blended one in to my vanilla protein shake and it was so good! Please get cheaper soon bananas so I can eat you by the truckload. And I really want some strawberries too but they're around $8 a container.

Going for a driving lesson tomorrow afternoon. I found out that if I don't get my license by November when my card expires I will have to do the 100 hours all over again (it's taken me 2.5 years to get to 80hr). I'm so incredibly over being told how to drive.
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but I set fire to the rain watched it pour as I touched your face

Today is a great day friends! I finally ran for 20 minutes straight without slowing down! I've been trying to do this for 2 weeks now and I just haven't been able to get there.

My body can do it just fine but I had this huge mental block telling me that I couldn't. I wasn't even planning to try this morning, I figured I would just do two lots of 8 minute running intervals with 3 minutes walking in between but when I was coming up on 8 minutes I decided to go for 10 and then once I got to 10 I was already half way there so I just kept going.

I thought my pace would be dreadful but it was actually pretty good. And I set two new personal records. 1 mile in 9'11" and 5K in 32'31". That's about 40 seconds off my best mile time and a whole minute off my best 5K time.

Right now I feel amazing. This is why you need to start running xxrachiefishxx! This feeling is worth all the pain, I promise.
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so raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways

It's been a while again. I just don't think my life is interesting enough to bother writing about. I don't want to bore anybody with the finer details.

My best friend and I are planning on moving to London around this time next year so I'm working a lot and trying to save money right now. That isn't going so well just yet but I'll have to pick it up soon.

Mostly my life just revolves around running these days. I finally found the motivation to start up again and actually keep going. I bought myself a new iPod nano and got the Nike+ kit so I can track my run time, distance, speed and calories online. It's really great to have all those statistics to compare. The one thing that always bugged me about running in the past is that I had no idea about distances or how far I was going.

And that's what happened to all of my money. New shoes and workout gear is expensive (the stuff I buy is anyway..). But it's great. I love seeing how much better and faster I'm getting.

As far as obsessions go it's probably the healthiest one I've ever had.

For anyone who is interested, I mostly hang out at dailymile now. And emesque has just gotten me hooked on listography.

By some bizarre turn of events there is absolutely nothing that I have to do this entire weekend, so I've decided I'm going to have a read-a-thon. I'm still determined to get to 101 even though I'm ridiculously behind. So basically for every hour that I spend doing something else I will spend an hour reading (sleep time not included). I'm aiming for 2, maybe 2 and a half books but who knows, I might get to 3 or 4.

Feel free to sponsor me with well-wishes or trash talk! ;)
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(no subject)

I don't know if you guys have heard about what's going on in Brisbane right now, but I just thought I would leave a quick note to let everyone know I'm alright.

Staying with my parents at the moment. Hopefully my place won't flood but we are right next to a creek so if something blocks it we might get water inside on the ground floor. All of the furniture is jammed into the spare room upstairs.
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it's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I wanna marry you

It's been a while. I guess the end of year post is a good place to catch up on everything. I really wish I updated this journal more frequently.

As far as the 2010 lists go, I failed spectacularly at keeping track of movies. I'm going to give it another try this year though. There are a ton of movies on my external hard-drive that I haven't watched yet.

I made it to 80 with the books. Which is good, I guess. People still look at me like I'm crazy when I say I read 80 books this year, but it's not nearly as cool as getting to 100. I'm setting the goal of 101 this year, I want to break my old record. I have at least 30 books sitting on my shelves that I haven't read yet so that should get me started. The new post is all set up and ready to go, I just need to start filling it up.

As far as real life goes I have left uni for good now. It made me miserable and really wasn't what I wanted to be doing. Walking away wasn't easy, especially after all the time and money that has gone into it, but I'm so glad that I did. It seems like quitting is the easy option, but for me going back and doing the same thing I've been doing for the last 4 years would be easy. Taking the risk of not knowing what I'll be doing is scary. Which makes me think that I have made the right decision, you're supposed to take the path less traveled, right? (Yes, I am making life altering decisions based on Robert Frost)

London is getting closer, we leave at midnight on Friday 28th. I'm still making lists of everything I'm going to need but the lists are getting smaller so I think I'm almost ready. I just need a bag for my new camera and a black blazer. (Don't ask why it's so important, I have no idea..)

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Resolutions for the year ahead
+ Save, save, save
+ By some running shoes and exercise more
+ Do things that make me happy

Pretty much the same as always, with a new one tacked on the end there. 2010 was not a great year for me, I wasn't happy for the majority of it, so I'm determined that 2011 is going to be a good one :) I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year!
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even though we aint got money, i'm so in love with you honey

I'm going to LONDON in February :) I'm so excited! My Dad is going over for a conference so Mom and I are tagging along, we're going to shop while he works ;)

And where we're staying in London is right near Baker Street!

What places should I be checking out? Any great shopping spots to recommend?

In other news, Raising Hope is the cutest show ever. Is anyone else watching it?

Virginia: We sang a song! Anybody can sing a song. Charles Manson can sing a song.
Burt: He's actually pretty darn good. Mike has his album.
Virginia: He is good, but that doesn't mean you want him helping you raise your child.