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11 January 2011 @ 02:50 pm
I don't know if you guys have heard about what's going on in Brisbane right now, but I just thought I would leave a quick note to let everyone know I'm alright.

Staying with my parents at the moment. Hopefully my place won't flood but we are right next to a creek so if something blocks it we might get water inside on the ground floor. All of the furniture is jammed into the spare room upstairs.
It's been a while. I guess the end of year post is a good place to catch up on everything. I really wish I updated this journal more frequently.

As far as the 2010 lists go, I failed spectacularly at keeping track of movies. I'm going to give it another try this year though. There are a ton of movies on my external hard-drive that I haven't watched yet.

I made it to 80 with the books. Which is good, I guess. People still look at me like I'm crazy when I say I read 80 books this year, but it's not nearly as cool as getting to 100. I'm setting the goal of 101 this year, I want to break my old record. I have at least 30 books sitting on my shelves that I haven't read yet so that should get me started. The new post is all set up and ready to go, I just need to start filling it up.

As far as real life goes I have left uni for good now. It made me miserable and really wasn't what I wanted to be doing. Walking away wasn't easy, especially after all the time and money that has gone into it, but I'm so glad that I did. It seems like quitting is the easy option, but for me going back and doing the same thing I've been doing for the last 4 years would be easy. Taking the risk of not knowing what I'll be doing is scary. Which makes me think that I have made the right decision, you're supposed to take the path less traveled, right? (Yes, I am making life altering decisions based on Robert Frost)

London is getting closer, we leave at midnight on Friday 28th. I'm still making lists of everything I'm going to need but the lists are getting smaller so I think I'm almost ready. I just need a bag for my new camera and a black blazer. (Don't ask why it's so important, I have no idea..)

some of the pretty things I've bought recentlyCollapse )

Resolutions for the year ahead
+ Save, save, save
+ By some running shoes and exercise more
+ Do things that make me happy

Pretty much the same as always, with a new one tacked on the end there. 2010 was not a great year for me, I wasn't happy for the majority of it, so I'm determined that 2011 is going to be a good one :) I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year!
01 January 2011 @ 10:37 pm
100 books in 2010
like a rolling thunder chasing the windCollapse )
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